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The Mystère Rouge 2014 has been aged in French oak barrels for 14 months. Like the other years of Mystère Rouge, the 2014 is a blend of the Frontenac and Sabrevois grape varieties. It is characterized by an intense cherry red color with a delicate nose releasing dominant aromas of red fruits and hints of flowers and spices. On the palate, this dry red wine shows good acidity and has supple tannins with a lingering leather finish.

The Mystère Rouge 2014 has been aged in french oak barrels for 14 months. Just as the previous Mystère Rouge vintages, the 2014 is a blending of Frontenac and Sabrevois vines. It is characterized by having an intense red cherry hue and delicate perfumes releasing aromas of dominant red fruits as well as fragrances of flowers and spices. This red wine is dry and has a noticeable amount of acidity as well as flexible tannins, all ending with a persistent leather finale.

Mystère Rouge Cuvée 2014