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About the Vignoble d'Oka

In order to obtain quality wines, it is important to be advised by experts: those who know the vineyard but also the peculiarities of Quebec soil. To this end, Sébastien Vicaire, Advisor-Expert in Oenology, and Michel Levac, owner-winemaker, have joined forces to develop quality Quebec wines together and are working hard to improve them, harvest after harvest.


Michel Levac & Diane Normandin

Vignoble d'Oka proprietaires Michel Levac Diane Normandin

For Michel Levac and his wife, Diane Normandin, viticulture is a culture of patience. It is therefore ideal for taking the time to learn and train.

After 8 years spent in Florida, Diane, Michel and their two daughters, decided to return home and settle in Oka, far from the promiscuity of the city, in a charming house surrounded by apple trees. It is also for Michel, the opportunity to get closer to his two children from his first marriage. As apple growing requires a lot of chemicals, they choose to uproot them and lay the land fallow for a year. Diane and Michel's passion for wine, developed during many trips to Bordeaux, then led them to plant their first vines.

Accompanied by an experienced French oenologist, they take the time to learn and train between the first plantations of vines in 2005 and the first vinification in 2009. When the children are not working in the vines, the owners call upon UPA workers. Today, the Vignoble d'Oka is a shared business between a large family and friends, where everyone gets involved and contributes on a daily basis to the expansion and improvement of the Vineyard. 


Samantha Levac & Megan Levac

Samantha and Megan grew up in the vineyard. From a young age, they had several responsibilities touching all facets of the Vineyard. They spent many summers helping their parents maintain the vines. From planting, pruning, to organizing the harvest and selling the wines, they have developed their knowledge about Quebec viticulture.

Megan obtained her Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA auditor) designation and

works in an accounting firm in Montreal.  

Samantha is currently completing her studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnique de Montréal.


(514) 791-7020

300 Rang Saint-Ambroise, Oka

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